Effective Restaurant Safety Signage for Reopening

One of the bright spots in the recent months of the pandemic is that restaurants have started to reopen. It’s certainly wonderful that such a large portion of the economy is able to get back to work, but it’s also nice for patrons to get back out into the world and see other people. However, it’s likely that restaurants will only remain open if they prove they can do so without causing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Below we will highlight some safety signage options we have created specifically to help keep restaurants a safe and healthy place for customers and employees alike. 

Social Distancing Signage

Nearly everyone who will be visiting restaurants knows what social distancing is, but whether or not they remember to do so is not as certain. At this point, a social distancing sign’s’ sole purpose is to remind people to do so. However, that reminder could be the difference in a business remaining open or having to close its doors. 

We offer social distancing signs in various forms, including: yard signs, floor logos, and A-frame signs. 

Yard Signs- These signs are economical and install quickly. Yard signs are ideal for areas outside your restaurant to ensure visitors maintain their social distance when entering your location or when dining in an outdoor area. They can also be used indoors or placed in a window when you remove the metal H-stand. 

social distancing yard sign

Floor Logos- Floor logos are ideal for areas where lines form. They help remind visitors to maintain a 6-foot buffer and can also mark precisely where visitors should stand. Social distancing floor decals should be installed in the area leading up to a hostess station and other areas where large groups of people are waiting. 

social distancing floor logo

A-Frames- Social distancing A-frame signs are an ideal freestanding signage option for restaurants. The amount of visitors for many restaurants fluctuates based on the time of day and day of the week, which means where you place your sign on Monday afternoon might not be as effective on Friday night. We recommend using Social Distancing A-Frame signs in front of your restaurants or near any high-traffic area. 

social distancing a-frame sign

Hand Washing Signs

While promoting hand washing is a good practice no matter what, it’s especially important at restaurants during a pandemic. Because people are eating, there is a high probability that they will touch their mouths and potentially transfer germs from their mouth to their hands. Hand washing is also critical for those preparing and handling the food within a restaurant. 

A-Frames- We recommend using hand washing A-Frame signs near restrooms and outdoor eating areas. Many patrons will simply neglect washing their hands when eating outdoors if they do not need to use the restroom. An A-frame sign positioned near outdoor eating areas provides the necessary reminder for visitors to wash their hands during and after their visit. 

hand washing a-frame sign

Yard Signs- If you have an outdoor eating area with a penetrable surface like dirt or grass, yard signs could be an excellent way to encourage hand washing. Additionally, these signs can be used indoors in kitchens and bathrooms to promote hand washing to both employees and customers.

hand washing yard sign

Curbside Pickup / Takeout Signs

While some customers are comfortable dining at a restaurant, many people would still rather play it safe and enjoy their meal away from the restaurant. If your restaurant is offering takeout and/or curbside pickup, signage can help let customers know. 

Banners- Banners remain one of the simplest, yet effective, forms of signage. Our banners are made from durable vinyl which means they can be displayed outdoors without risking major damage in inclement weather. We recommend displaying these banners in prominent areas on and around your restaurant so that passing cars and pedestrians can read them. Each banner is finished with brass grommets in all four corners so they can be fastened easily to solid structures. If you require a freestanding signage option, check out the Smart Frame display system. 

curbside pickup takeout vinyl banners

A-Frames- Similar to banners, A-frames are a durable signage option. As mentioned earlier, they can be positioned as needed. We recommend our Curbside Pickup and Takeout A-Frames for businesses that are in close proximity to the street or for locations that receive a lot of foot traffic. Positioning these A-frames on a sidewalk can help to increase walk-in sales for takeout. 

curbside pick up takeout a-frame signs

Feather Flags- Feather flags provide one benefit that our other signs can’t offer, eye-catching movements. This style of feather flag has a stay-open design that will display your message at all times, while also allowing the bottom portion of the flag to flutter in the wind and create a visual that is hard not to notice when passing by. We recommend placing feather flags along the road in front of your restaurant to draw the attention of anyone passing by.

curbside pickup takeout feather flags

Now Open Signs

Because so many restaurants were forced to close their doors, informing customers that your restaurant has re-opened is an important step in increasing sales. We offer the Now Open message on A-frames, banners, yard signs, and feather flags. 

now open signage for restaurants

After flattening the curve in many parts of the United States, it’s important that we continue to follow health and safety guidelines to keep people safe and to help businesses remain operational. Many people want to support their favorite restaurant in trying times like these, and restaurants can help attract those people to their location by ensuring a safe experience for them. If you think your restaurant could use signage to promote healthy habits and your services, reach out to one of your signage experts today!