Effective Use of Tabletop InteliShield Plexiglass Shield

As businesses continue to navigate the world after COVID-19, finding the appropriate level of protection against germs and viruses is key to remaining operational. Health and safety products not only protect visitors at your location, but also give customers and employees peace of mind knowing they’re not risking their health to visit your location. In this article, we will discuss Tabletop InteliShield Plexiglass Shields and their uses.

intelishield sneeze guard plastic barrier

We offer three unique models in our InteliShield line of products: Acrylic Tabletop, Economy Tabletop, and Freestanding. This article will focus on the two Tabletop models. Learn more about our Freestanding InteliShield Protective Barrier here!

Acrylic Tabletop InteliShields

Our Acrylic Tabletop InteliShield is a premier tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other airborne contaminants. This shield is available in multiple sizes and made from rigid acrylic material. It provides a strong barrier between employees and visitors to prevent the spread of germs. With proper care, Acrylic Tabletop InteliShields will last for years to come.

Economy Tabletop InteliShields

The Economy Tabletop InteliShields are lightweight splash guards that prevent the spread of airborne contaminants. The rollable screen allows this shield to be positioned as needed with adhesive tabs on the base for added stability. With proper care, Economy Tabletop InteliShields will continuously help keep your visitors safe and healthy at your organization.

How to clean InteliShield Products

InteliShield products can be sufficiently disinfected using soap and water. We recommend using a soft, nonabrasive cloth when washing to prevent any scratch marks on the shield. If you use disinfectant sprays, make sure to wash any dirt and debris off of the InteliShield prior to using the disinfectant. Click here to check if your disinfectant is suitable to remove COVID-19 germs. Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners like Windex and other solvents to clean your InteliShield as they can damage the material and cause cracking and clouding.

Is a Tabletop InteliShield Right for Me?

For many businesses, adhering to the 6-foot social distancing guidelines can be challenging during day-to-day operations. Tabletop InteliShields are ideal for locations within your organization where people interact regularly, like reception desks, office desks, conference rooms, breakrooms, banking counters, and more. Tabletop InteliShields not only prevent the spread of germs, but also help make your location a more inviting atmosphere for anyone concerned about germs and covid-19.

We also offer solutions for organizations that don’t have a need for InteliShield Shields & Barriers, but still want to increase health and safety practices. Visit our Open for Business Sign products to see all of our health and safety products.

With InteliShield Barriers and our other safety products, businesses can reopen their doors in a safe and responsible manner. Taking safety precautions now can help keep visitors safe and businesses operational. If you have questions about our products or sizes, reach out to one of our signage experts today!