Signs & Safety Products For Banks

One of the bright spots amid the prevalence of the Coronavirus is the outpouring of support for essential workers from people across the world. While many people were fortunate to be able to work from home, many essential workers were required to continue working within their place of employment, despite the potential risk to their health. Among the businesses considered to be essential are banks. Banks are not only important for personal finances, they also play a vital role in the local economy.  By providing loans to local businesses, banks help local start-up businesses operate and create jobs. When we created Open for Business Signs, we had local businesses like banks in mind.

Banks across the country have modified their services during the pandemic to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants. Some locations have offered modified services within the bank, while others have simply required all transactions occur from the drive-thru terminals. Below, we will break down the various types of signage we offer to help banks communicate with customers and promote healthy practices within their branches.

Drive-Up Teller

To reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission, many banks instruct visitors to use the drive-up windows. Without proper signage, this change in services can cause confusion amongst visitors and result in frustration. To help banks communicate with their visitors upon arrival, we created signage banks can display at the entrance to their location.

The ATM drive thru message is available on a variety of unique styles of signage. For many banks, a vinyl banner is an ideal option because it is easy to read and simple to install. Vinyl banners are a suitable signage option for ATM drive thru messaging because they are durable enough to handle outdoor elements while remaining easy to read.

Other ATM Drive Thru Signage options:

  • A-Frames: A-frame signs are a great way to reach customers in areas where banners cannot be displayed. A-frame signs are ideal for sidewalks, parking lots and more!
  • Feather Flags: ATM Drive Thru Feather Flags are a great way to garner the attention of customers or anyone passing your location with their large size and fluttering movement in the wind.

InteliShield Protective Barriers

While some banks are only offering drive thru services, others allow visitors inside their branch under updated health guidelines. As more banks start allowing visitors to enter their buildings, the risk of passing germs from person-to-person increases. To combat that risk, we created the InteliShield Protective Barrier product line.

intelishield protective barrier

The nature of a bank means most customer interactions with bank employees occur with less than six feet between them. InteliShield plexiglass barriers provide a protective shield between employees and visitors which helps prevent the spread of airborne contaminants. InteliShield Barriers are available in three unique styles and various sizes. They are easy to move for optimal effectiveness and can safely be washed for repeated use.

Social Distancing Floor Graphics

As banks do begin to allow people inside their locations, social distancing reminders are vital. InteliShield Barriers help prevent the spread of germs between customers and employees working in close proximity, but oftentimes the best barrier is simply distance. To help remind visitors about social distancing guidelines, we suggest Floor Logos. Floor Logos help remind visitors to keep their space simply by telling them where to stand while waiting in line.

social distancing floor logos

Other social distancing solutions for banks:

  • Retractable Banner Stand: These freestanding displays convey social distancing reminders with a touch of elegance. These stands are ideal for indoor use where visual appeal is important. 
  • Yard Signs: Yard signs are an economical solution to remind visitors to social distance. These signs are ideal for grass or dirt areas near the entranceway doors.

social distancing signage

As more banks begin to modify their operations, appropriate signage to communicate with customers is crucial. Adequate signage helps eliminate confusion for customers while simultaneously promoting healthy practices that prevent the spread of germs. If you think your organization could benefit from any of these signage solutions, visit our sign products today to learn more and place an order.