Social Distancing Signs for Businesses

One year ago at this time, most of us would have had to guess the meaning of the term “social distancing”, but now we hear it used every day. Because of that, even the most health-conscious person might revert to old habits and forget that we should be socially distancing ourselves from others. Social distancing signs are a good way to gently remind visitors to maintain space between themselves and others. Many of us across the world experienced the negative impacts that COVID-19 had on businesses as businesses across many industries were forced to temporarily close. Continuing to follow current health guidelines is not only good for the health of humans, but also reduces the risk of the future outbreaks and subsequent business closures.

We created Open for Business Signs with small businesses in mind. Promoting healthy habits reduces the chances of person-to-person transmission within your organization and also helps keep your business compliant with current health guidelines. Below we will break down our social distancing signs and how best to use them.

Yard Signs

One of the simplest ways to remind visitors to socially distance is yard signs. Yard signs are an effective and economical solution to encourage visitors to socially distance. Installing these signs is quick and easy, simply press the H-stand into grass or dirt.

When to use yard signs: Use these signs outdoors where lines may form along sidewalks and grassy areas. They can also be used to delineate where lines should form when you purchase a group of signs.

Floor Logos

Floor logos are very effective tools for businesses that want to promote social distancing. A 2018 study found that people generally look at the ground 50% of the time while walking on flat terrain. As you add foreign materials, like floor logos, people begin looking at the floor more often. Floor logos are effective signage tools with the added benefit of taking up no physical space. When floor logos are installed at least six feet apart, visitors can simply stand on the logo while they wait in line, removing any uncertainty on their part.

When to use floor logos: Floor logos are perfect for retail stores or any organization that requires customers to wait in line. They are easy to install and can be removed when no longer needed.


A-frame signs are a versatile form of signage that work well to convey messages to customers. These signs are durable and can be moved easily whenever needed. Because they are double sided, you can reach visitors coming from either direction.

When to use A-Frames: A-frames are effective tools indoors or outdoors. Because they are very durable, A-frame signs can be used outdoors on sidewalks, near the entrance to your organization, and many more places!

Retractable Banner Stands

The Retractable Banner Stand combines a high-end appeal with simple assembly. Finished in anodized silver with heavy duty, molded end plates and swivel-out feet. This stand is a great way to remind visitors of social distancing guidelines while preserving a professional appearance.

When to use Retractable Banner Stands: This stand is ideal for professional settings like offices, banks, lobbies, entrance ways, and more.

Reminding visitors to maintain a proper distance from others is an effective way to keep people safe and businesses open. Our Open for Business Signage selection includes an array of different styles of products to help businesses of all types. View our sign products to see all of our social distancing signs and more signage solutions to keep you and your customers safe.